Thank you for you interest in Coda and Panic Sync. We are on the last lap of the race towards of Coda 2.5, and we'd like to throw a ton of people at testing our new Panic Sync feature — so we could possibly use your help.

Are you:

• Willing to use a beta build of Coda often
• Good at filing well-written, reproducible bugs
• An existing owner of Coda 2

Then please apply! (We can't accept everyone, and we'll let you know if you are chosen.)

Note: we are looking for serious testers only, testers must own a copy of Coda 2 and receive no compensation.

Your e-mail: *

Your full name: *

On how many computers do you use Coda? *

Do you use the MySQL tab in Coda? *

(We're just curious.)

Do you use the Terminal tab in Coda? *

Do you use the Books tab in Coda? *

What's one thing you wish Coda did better?

Do you understand that this beta will require your time and energy? *